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“CFO” has new meaning here in Sunny California

Our "Simply Orange Marmalade"!
Our “Simply Orange Marmalade”!

     Words like;   Home Grown…….Heirloom…… Sustainable……Seasonal……Organic……Small Batch……Artisanal……Canning……Non-GMO…..vermi-composting …..raised beds……spring up all over the gazillion food and veggie garden blogs that reside on the internet.  And yes these buzz words are an integral part of daily life here at This One Tree.  

      Add “Profitable” and “CFO” to the buzz word list as these have new meaning to the home gardener and  entrepreneur here in sunny California and may soon grace the pages of food and garden blogs.  The twist is  the passing of the “Cottage Food Operator” (thus CFO) bill in January of 2013.   This has opened up a new category in the land of blogs for a California homegrown like me.   California is known for its wide array of ethnic and fusion restaurants and “artisanal food” store fronts.  Farmers Markets have been gaining popularity in the last decade and now there’s HOME MADE!!    A niche that may be filled with an assortment of unique, inventive concoctions, and  the reinventing of home style and traditional family recipes from the past.  

     As a soon-to-be “Cottage Food Operation” , This One Tree will be able to offer up some of  its harvest in the form of Jams, Jellies and Butters, ( we call them J.J. and B’s to our local residents and fans.  We have spent a few years playing with some recipe configurations and have decided that some of the simplest good old-fashioned seasonal pantry favorites just can’t be beat.  

    To start,  you can click on “Simply Orange Marmalade” available  in  OUR PANTRY.   Also browse our list of other traditional and yummy J.J. & B’s!    Remember, we are a small batch producer so it is first come first serve.