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Simply Orange Marmalade

Our "Simply Orange Marmalade"!
Our “Simply Orange Marmalade”


     It all started with one lonely backyard orange tree.  Little was it known that this one tree would work so hard to maintain its rightful place in our backyard.  Each year our little tree produces an astounding sometimes overwhelming amount of oranges.  It seems sad not to share some with our neighbors!  The juicy globes of sunshine from this one tree are consistently just the right size, color, texture and sweetness to make some very yummy marmalade.

      For our “Simply Orange Marmalade”  we use the best of the bunch from our little tree.  We use the whole of the orange, not bothering to cut out all that white pithy part as many recipes call for.  One can see in the picture that these oranges have a very thin rind and pith providing just the right amount of natural pectin which is why our oranges make such awesome marmalade!  We don’t worry much about any bitterness and we use the juice for a more intense flavor. 

      Our “Simply Orange Marmalade” is home made in small batches and available to our local residents and fans.  We do not ship as of yet so you have to come and get it!   It comes in pint jars and pricing for our 2014 season is $8.50 per jar.   Empty jar exchange is $7.75.   Maximum 4 jars per order!    

     Beware that you must be in the loop” as we are able to can only so many jars of our coveted locally grown fare. “Simply Orange Marmalade” is our star player and we have fresh new batches each spring.  Check “up coming events”  for order dates.  First come first serve!

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