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      I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!….but in reflection  I’ve been mostly ranting lately…..really…even while on my way out to water  my garden this morning.

      It may be a bitter sweet  4th all around the nation today as the state of our economy is waving more than our flag does these days!  Our so-called out-of-control careless administration in the white house continuously #&%#@*$!!’s   with our future…… STILL NO JOBS…. the small- business  person is sitting on haunches waiting for the BIG FAT MEDICAL ELEPHANT in the room to splat on us all ….. constant border issues…..the usual less than stellar acknowledgement of our soldiers and those who actually work hard to bring home a paycheck…… oh…. and now we are making enemies with Egypt !   All this is good reason to cool off in the garden.

      And in the garden is just where I was this morning….cooling off!  It’s July and usually there’s  so much going on in the garden that I can drown out most any frustrations.  Finally the heat spell has subsided and picking my corn was the first on my list today.  I only planted 18 seedlings,  ( 9 white sweet and 9 yellow), both 90 day maturing.

Corn early June 2013
Corn early June 2013

      I wasn’t sure how well corn would do here and I didn’t want to waste precious bed space so I planted a courgette (zucchini) with the corn .  I also thought if the corn failed at least I would have stalks to dress up the fall garden and maybe even straggly cobs to feed the chickens.    I can tell you  that  I watered, watered, watered and fertilized only once in the total 104 days.   I think it should have been picked a week or so ago but I wanted to wait till the 4th…….a marker I guess…..fresh corn and the 4th of July!  


      I understand that the way to know when the corn is ready is that the husks will bend away from the stalk and the leaves will brown off at the base.  Some husks were bent and some were not.Corn harvest July 4th 2013

     So here is my little corn harvest….14 of ’em. The other 4 were too under mature and I did give them to the chickens.   I picked  the corn late yesterday afternoon with the intent on planting the bed with more bush beans and to use a few left-in-the-ground stalks for pole bean supports. Corn stalk tee pee for pole beans July 1 2013

       We’ll see how this works….or lasts!   I also put in my usual bamboo supports for extra strength then planted the pole beans.   I also planted a second round of bush beans (should be enough summer left for production) in the bed and added 2 of my tomato cages on their sides to give added support.

  With the heat comes the bugs. I’m keeping a watch out for bugs now too.   It’s been so hot  AND I’ve got white fly trying to get at a tomato plant.  I’ve been spraying soapy alcohol and sprinkled DME already.

Tomato cages  supporting bush beans
Tomato cages supporting bush beans
Corn July 4th 2013
Corn July 4th 2013

     Here is my little harvest of shucked corn…..not bad but the kernels are a little dry in my estimation.  Note to self:   fertilize more to try for complete cob coverage and juicy kernels, plant more corn next time and closer together then pick according to my inkling.    I’ll cook up 4 to have with our hot dogs and baked beans  today and freeze the rest.

      With the corn harvest done and the beans planted.  I spent the rest of the morning taking pic’s  of the garden fare, the fruit trees and other plant life blooming around the grounds for my files and for you all to get a better view  of This One Tree’s surroundings in my next blog. 

      With my political frustrations now at bay,  I’m determined to enjoy this 4th of July on my patio this evening with my hubby, a few hot dogs, grilled fresh corn, baked beans and a freshly baked Apricot pie…..  a’ la mode….. for a great ending to a cooler day!   Happy 4th everyone!