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The machine behind the scenes! Or….the wizard behind the curtain

The Author

 Welcome to This One Tree!

     Currently you will have to know me as “the wizard behind the curtain”…… or more fitting, “the machine behind the scenes”, and that is just where I’m comfortable right now!

      First of all, I have never had the privilege of calling myself an author!   I usually just call myself busy!    This makes writing about myself a bit of a conundrum.   But I am working on it!   I have contemplated who I am many times throughout my life and as I started to jot down some experiences and accomplishments, I knew to be fair and not leave out the huge challenges,  mountains climbed,  lessons learned and consequences paid.   I can say that I’m no spring chicken and to be honest,  I mostly rule the roost!   I am usually devoted to my passions and have upheld the rule that practice makes perfect!   I am competitive and somewhat work-obsessed, which I think means I’m a type “A” personality.  I still say that I am just a very busy girl!

    This blog is a compilation of the journey I am on now.   I’ve been calling it the quieter, calmer chapter of life;   just in time for what seems to be a trending movement to revisit a slower (The Slow Movement)  sustainable lifestyle!   I’m not sold on the slower part just yet because I am too busy to feel any slowwwwww……….but it is certainly much, much calmer and quieter.   

     As for now……if you choose to browse around This One Tree and catch little snippets and blurbs interspersed in the blogs and pages…… I think you will do well in discovering who I am!