Welcome to This One Tree!

       Come get dirty with me and experience the joys, frustrations, surprises, and mishaps of bringing back to life the very neglected and forgotten ½ acre lot of my hubby’s childhood home….. blog style!   A short snippet or a few paragraphs now and then seem to calm my fiiiiidgety  inclination.   Its like keeping a memory scrap book only more public!   Oh….and blogging is far less tedious than scrap booking!


Our lonely backyard orange tree 2006
Our lonely backyard orange tree 2006

     I will share with you the inspirations in a lonely orange tree that brought a smile to a 50- something gal who, instead of spending retirement rocking on the front porch, ventured to keep her hands and heart busy crafting the art of sustainable and profitable home gardening here in the suburbs !  

         As I said  I’m not spending retirement rocking on the porch.  No……in fact, the porch, the house, the yards….all got demo’d and an upgrade when my husband and I took on the challenge of having to restore his childhood home.  The story behind how we ended up with this sorry, sad mess will be kept in the family archives, however, it is the unintended gem we turned it into that provided the perfect setting for my “This One Tree” adventure and made this home a keeper!

From this!
From this!

        In 2006 I exchanged my California flip-flops for work boots and garden clogs!  The flip-flops were actually my weekend shoes because before 2006  I wore good sturdy trendy shoes most days for 33 years ; check out “The Author”.   It was going to be a long 6 months; as was the estimated remodel time.   The truth is that it has been 6 years and we are still working on a little of this and a little of that; elements that we couldn’t get to in the initial restoration.  I spend a majority of my time outside as I would rather pull weeds than scrub a toilet!  What do you say to that!  YUCKY?   Well………….dirt isn’t as yucky as………..

To this!
To this!

       I’m always inviting my besties to join me and of course that usually means H-E-L-P !!   But we all have such a good time getting dirty!   You might enjoy coming along too  ……vicariously of course… to see what I do with this plot of a lot!



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