Whether or not to deal with the Weather or not?!


   Today is HOT,HOT, HOT!!!    It is June 29th, 2013 and at 11:00 am it was 105!   The weather all across the western part of the country is experiencing a massive heat spell.  I am thinking of my family members in Phoenix AZ. with expected heat of 118.  WOW!  What an over night shift in weather huh?  I watered the garden very early this morning, threw ice in the chickens water and decided to stay in the rest of the day enjoying the high cost of air conditioning! 

     Just days ago I was agonizing over the prospects of my tomatoes and surprised at the early fruiting of all my peppers!  According to my garden veggies, spring this year has been short of normal.  

    Since planting in early March, the days have been  cool then hot then cool again……..right off the bat in early May I had to yank the zucchini  cuz it had NO male flowers!!  

Of course I only planted one this year because we get sick of too much zucchini and I’m bored with making  zucchini bread or whatever else I could make with ’em!   I would feed a lot of them to the chickens.  Anyway,  I have just planted a new seedling in a different bed to have a few zucchini  

Zucchini replant June 2013
Zucchini replant June 2013

plus I always grow an extra jumbo size for a friend up in Friday Harbor who enters the towns annual “Zucchini Race” every summer……………she is champ many years in a row so I don’t want to let her down.  Hope I can grow one big enough by mid August!

My tomatoes planted in March all got leaf-curl do the stress I think……. couldn’t get the watering figured out………but they are still producing so I haven’t yanked them.

Brandywine with leaf curl 2013
Brandywine with leaf curl 2013
Sun Sugar cherry tomato
Sun Sugar cherry tomato




The peppers I also planted in March are all fruiting much earlier than the usual July/August and they look amazing!  I’ve been picking and pickling Banana peppers since early June. 

 I also planted a few more tomatoes in early May (for insurance)  and none have the dreaded leaf-curl.  I even rescued and re-transplanted a doomed yellow pear tomato (wish I could find the picture ) that is now showing great promise for a good harvest.

Yellow Pear tomato  rejuvinated

This morning while watering I studied the snow peas.  Two planted right next to each other………so……….why is one plant producing peas and the other just can’t seem to get a grow on?  

Snow Pea in distress!
Snow Pea in distress!

Just as I was inspecting the sickly one for the millionth time……..viola!  I found THIS little bugger!  I’m not used to seeing worms in the garden.  

Its a what worm

Is it a looper!  Reminded of the the inch worm song from the Hans Christian Anderson film.  Cutest song but NOT a cute bug to have on ones snow peas I don’t think!   I thought they just measured marigolds! HA!   I’ll look it up while inside today keeping cool!

Hope all of you are keeping cool too.


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